High pressure cleaning your Home

Our experienced and reliable staff follow through on all aspects of cleaning your roof and delivers a high quality finish, that you will be proud of.

Roof Cleaning

  • We remove all broken tiles and replace those using closely matched tiles.
  • Clean the entire roof from top to bottom with high pressure equipment.
  • Clean out all of the gutters and wash all down-pipes, external walls and any areas affected by the cleaning process.
  • Replace rusty Valley irons if needed.
  • Repair or replace, Lead Flashings if needed, and damaged timber battens. We also fix any additional items such as WhirlyBirds if needed.
  • Strip off capping or gable end and re-bed where required or specified.
  • Repoint all capping and gables using Flexi-Point Ridge security system.
  • Inspect roof and blow clean the entire roof area off.
  • Apply 1 coat of sealer.
  • Hand paint gables and flashings to avoid any over spray and spray 2 coats of colour, so all up 3 coats.

SpotOn Roofing quality work standards

Clean Driveways

We offer a full paving service for all residential and commercial properties. Our highly skilled workmen complete each job to the highest standards in the industry. We pride ourselves on our spotlessness and attention to detail. When the work is complete, your site will be neat, clean and looking very smart.

Clean Hard Surfaces

Post roof cleaning is one of our specialities. We take care to remove all rubbish and to wash down all the roofs. We only use trained professionals when pressure cleaning your roof and we take a huge amount of care while we complete the job and when we’re done, we clean up making sure you are not left with a mess to clean up. We leave our customers with nothing less than the perfect last impression. All by-products created as a result of the high pressure cleaning process are disposed of in a safe manner to ensure clean and tidy environment.

Real Estate Maintenance

We provide our customers with the best advice for their roof, while always working safely and efficiently. We ensure after high pressure cleaning and maintenance of your property that the entire area is left clean and tidy and ready for inspection by way of litter pick up, power sweeping and other general maintenance.

Property Management

Maximising your rental properties potential is a must and to do that it needs to be kept in good condition with up-to-date fixtures. With SpotOn roofing cleaning and managing your property will be as easy as making that first phone call. In order to maintain maximum value, we can set up a cleaning schedule, manage all inspections, maintenance, repairs and upgrades and knowing that everything is taken care of you can relax and feel confidant that your property is working for you!

All of our work has a 10 year guarantee