Roofs are susceptible to damage from environmental events of all kinds. The leading cause of premature aging is leaves form nearby trees. An improper sloping roof can also cause many problems as it causes moisture to collect. Animals, high winds and people walking on the roof who do not know the proper procedures are other factors that can affect the life of your roof.

We repair your roof after storm damage as well as provide all of the services found under roof restoration above, minor damage, pointing, re-bedding of capping and the replacement of valleys where two of more roofs meet and replacement of fascia boards. We are able to offer complete roof replacement for those who wish to update or are experiencing difficulty obtaining tiles for older roofs. Our highly trained, skilled and fully supervised employees can handle all roof repairs and roof maintenance, including emergency roof repair services.

Flex-point sealing materials are used for all pointing and throughout our repair work.

Spoton roof repairs, repairs, re-bed capping, storm damage, replace tiles, re-point gable ends, lead flashing, and replace valley irons

All of our work has a 10 year guarantee

SpotOn Roofing quality work standards

We take pride in leaving a site with the roof repairs work completed and to a high standard. It is the small things that count, we:

  • Remove all broken roof tiles and replace using a similar age tile.
  • Pressure clean the entire roof area from top to bottom with water pressure.
  • Clean out all gutters and wash down
  • Repair or replace down pipes
  • If needed, replace rusted valley irons.
  • Fit extras such as Whirlybirds if needed.
  • Repair or replace, lead flashings if needed and damaged timber battens.
  • Replacement of fascia boards.
  • Strip off capping or gable end and re-bed where required as specified.
  • Re point all capping and gables using Flexi-Point. Ridge security system.
  • Inspect roof and blow clean the nitre roof area off.
  • Apply 1 coat of sealer.
  • Hand paint gables and flashing’s to avoid any over spray and spray 2 coats of colour, so all up 3 coats.
  • Repair required shakes
  • Re-caulk any joints
  • Apply treatment to roof to protect roof

Repair of general roof damage or after storms

  • Remove all broken roof tiles and replace using a similar age tile.
  • Pressure clean the entire roof area from top to bottom with water pressure.
  • Clean out all gutters and wash down all down pipes and external walls and affected areas.
  • If needed, replace damaged valley irons
  • Replace extras such as Whirly Birds, Lead Flashing’s and damaged timber batten if needed.
  • Re-bed capping, re-point gables, repair or replace skylights.

Roof installation and services

We are professionals and “the next generation of roofers” because of the unique accessories and modern techniques that we use. We have a full range of roofing products for all types of roofs. Our expert consultant will visit your home or business and discuss what product is best suited for your home and budget. Our crews have been trained in various types of roof systems and will install a quality roof; from start to finish, that is completed on a timely basis.

Quality Accessory Installations

Gutter guards and guttering Sydney:

SpotOn Roofing have been guttering Sydney homes since years. Keeps the gutter clear of wind blown debris and leaves. A well designed guttering guard encourages the wind to blow leaves off of the guard allowing the gutters to carry away rain water without blocking the down pipes.

Skylights Sydney:

New installation and replacement of old, all types from the small dome to larger opening skylights. We are experts in fixed skylights, venting skylights and also energy efficient skylights which run on solar energy to provide an all round skylights solution for offices & homes in Sydney. Our Skylight Sydney solutions are many & can be customized as per the customers requirements.

  • Down pipes: new installation and replacement of old
  • Whirlybirds: removes very hot air from the attic space drawing in cooler, ambient air. Particularly effective at night, the result is cooler roof space temperatures and less radiation of heat into the home. Very effective when used with under eaves ventilation.
  • Under eave vent installation: to improve air flow throughout the roof by means of natural convection currents where warm air rises and pulls the cooler, drier air behind it.

Privacy and Policy

SpotOn Roofing has a very simple and clear Privacy Policy.
We will not divulge or pass on to anyone any of your private details. We regard your Privacy as important, and we will respect it with dignity.
Your personal information is safe with us at Spoton Roofing.

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