Whirlybird Sydney

Keeping your home or office interiors cool is a big challenge during summers. While you may rely on air conditioning systems to offset the heat that is seeping through your ceiling, there will be a trade-off between convenience and energy bills to leave you worried. You certainly want comfort but not at the cost of high energy bills.

Spoton Roofing provides a simple yet cost-effective solution to your problem – Whirlybird. It's a turbine with a vent that is installed on the top of your roof to suck out hot air from your room. The hot air being lighter rises to the ceiling and escapes through the Whirlybird vent, reducing your room's temperature significantly.

When your room's temperature is lower, your air conditioning unit will not have to work hard; thereby, cutting down energy bills considerably.

We Specialise in Whirlybird Installation in Liverpool and Penrith

Spoton Roofing specialises in installing Whirlybird on Sydney-based homes and commercial properties. Our aim is to keep your home/office cool while minimizing monthly energy bills, and we believe that our whirlybird installation solutions perfectly fit the bill.

Whirlybird is available in two variants: the one that is electric-powered and the other one that's wind-driven. We can assess your roof and local wind conditions to recommend the appropriate variant for you. Even if you choose a powered Whirlybird, rest assured that its benefits will outshine its operating cost, lowering your overall monthly bills significantly.

Still thinking?

If you are still skeptical about the effectiveness of whirlybirds, we can provide reference of our previous customers that have been benefited from this great innovation.

Contact us today to book an appointment for whirlybird installation in Sydney and its suburbs, including Liverpool and Penrith.