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Gutter, Roof Repairs and Restoration Sydney and Surrounding Areas

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About Us

Roof is the most important part of a structure. It needs to be maintained properly in order to save the entire property from all the natural hazards such as sun, rain, wind, and water. While the walls give physical security to the structure, roof protects the structure and the inhabitants, whether commercial or residents, from all sorts of external factors including the natural one. Over period of time, just like other parts of an establishment, the roof goes through a cycle of wear and tear. Such a wear and tear needs to be identified at the nick of the time to avoid large scale damage. Minor wear and tear can...

Our Services

Colorbond Guttering &
Fascia Cover

Spoton Roofing is specialist in Colorbond roof restorations in  Campbelltown and the surrounds. The main reason to restore a metal roof is to preserve, and make your home look more attractive and add more value to your property. The roof is thoroughly pressure cleaned to remove dirt and grime. Anti rust is then applied to treat affected areas and then sprayed with a 3 coat metal application system. The results are fantastic, in fact your metal restored roof looks like...
>Colorbond Guttering &</br> Fascia Cover

>New Colorbond Roofing

New Colorbond Roofing

Thinking of adding more rooms in your already existing home? This is the right place for you. Our roofing expert team specialises in new roof & extensions to give a beautiful topping to your home. We make sure that the extension matches the original roof tiles to give a new yet natural look and won’t give the benefit of different looking tiles which we notice in certain houses. There are different roof types we cater and our professional team deals...

New Roof & Extensions

When your gutters are looking old and rusted, causing leaks to under eaves, then it’s time that they are replaced, we install guttering and fascia cover, in a lot of colourbond colours, the brand that we prefer to use is Ace Gutters,they come in a few different profiles and are guaranteed for 20 years, in fact they are the most sought after brand in guttering.
>New Roof & Extensions



Whirlybird Sydney Keeping your home or office interiors cool is a big challenge during summers. While you may rely on air conditioning systems to offset the heat that is seeping through your ceiling, there will be a trade-off between convenience and energy bills to leave you worried. You certainly want comfort but not at the cost of high energy bills. Spoton Roofing provides a simple yet cost-effective solution to your problem – Whirlybird. It's a turbine with a vent that...

Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation Sydney Spoton Roofing is a roofing specialist that provides a wide range of roofing solutions to enable you to make the most of your property while reducing utility bills. Skylight installation is one of our specialised service that is gaining immense popularity across Sydney and its suburbs. Skylights allow natural light into your room to illuminate the entire space evenly such that you need not turn on the lamps during the day. It's a great way to save...
>Skylight Installation

>Roof Repairs & Cleaning

Roof Repairs & Cleaning

Roof Repair experts in Liverpool, Spoton Roofing professionals at your service! We provide 360-degree roof-related solutions; from roof installation to roof repairs to roof restoration in Liverpool. Our professionals are highly-qualified and experienced individuals, equipped with the latest tools to offer you an experience like no other. We make roof repairs so affordable that people love to choose our services. We never compromise on the quality of our services and never increase our costs to a limit, where it becomes...

Roof Restoration

Roof Repairs and Restoration in Penrith – Spot On Roofing Do you often look at your roof in disappointment? Is there a leakage at the corners or a noticeable patch of moisture emerging at the surface of your ceiling? If yes, then you will want to consult a roofing expert in Penrith. For the best solutions and advice, Spoton Roofing is a name you can trust. With modern tools and skills up our sleeves, our repair and restoration services are...
>Roof Restoration

>Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

When it comes to roof repairs in Penrith, Spoton Roofing is your first point of contact. In case the damage is severe and nearly impossible to repair, we can help. Our roof restoration Penrith-based service guarantees to restore your roof to its former glory, within a reasonable budget. Roofs tend to get damaged, despite the best care. In some cases, the damage occurs due to heavy rains and a poorly functioning gutter, which spatters water into the roof to deteriorate...


Guttering Sydney Are you looking for the best Sydney gutter and roof restoration services? Search no more. Spoton Roofing is here to cater to all your requirements at affordable rates now! The following are some reasons why people spend on roof restoration services: It provides protection against extreme weather conditions- it keep you safe from harsh weather conditions and strong winds It provides optimal safety- a damaged roof raises safety concerns (it may collapse) for the people living inside the...


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Roof is one of the most important parts of a property, and it's also the part which is most vulnerable to damage. Every house has a complex network of pipes running through floors, walls and ceilings. Even a small leakage in those pipes can wreak havoc on your property, and your roof will be the first one to bear the brunt.

If you notice any leakage or damp condition in your roof, contact Spot On Roofing for immediate roof repairs in Sydney or whatever be the suitable course of action basis the diagnosis.

Spoton Roofing understands your needs firsthand and provides reliable solutions to ensure a safe, durable roofing for your home. Through our experience and innovative diagnosis methods, we can tell whether it's time for re-roofing or for emergency roof repairs.

If you notice a bulge on your ceiling or if it starts to drip even during light drizzle, know that there's a bigger problem bubbling under the surface. Therefore, it should be addressed right away in order to avoid expensive repairs in future. When it comes to leaking roof repairs in Sydney or any of its suburbs, Spoton Roofing is your first point of contact.

Spoton Roofing provides spot-on repair and restoration solutions to add years to your roof's life, making it resistant to moisture, heat and other environmental factors by applying sealants that act as a protective shield.

You can safely entrust your roof restoration Sydney-bound needs to the experts at Spoton Roofing because we have the know-how that guarantees great results for a competitive price.

Roof Repairs & Restoration Sydney

Spoton Roofing provides comprehensive roofing solutions that cover repair, restoration, replacement and even pressure cleaning in order to maintain your roof in a tip- top condition. We can accessorise your roof with gutter guards to prevent blockage in the downpipe and also install skylight to let natural light enter the room. We offer myriads of avenues to allow you to make the most of your existing roof for a fraction of cost of the new one.

Call now to book an appointment with one of our experts for roof repairs in Sydney.

Roof Repair & Restoration in Campbelltown

A Roof Repair & Restoration in Campbelltown results in a very satisfying experience for the homeowner as your house will regain that new look and shine. We are more than to take your call anytime, or you can use our easy contact form. Our expert roofers will contact you to make an appointment that is fit for you.​

Roof Repairs & Restoration Penrith

Do you often look at your roof in disappointment? Is there a leakage at the corners or a noticeable patch of moisture emerging at the surface of your ceiling? If yes, then you will want to consult a roofing expert in Penrith.

Spoton Roofing provides the right solution at the right price, based on the detailed assessment. If your roof is damaged to a point where it can be safely repaired, we do not advise replacement or any other expensive alternative that may burn a hole in your pocket.

Our Wide Coverage across Camden, Rosemeadow and Narellan Brings Professional Roof Repairs to Your Vicinity

Now you no longer have to chase your neighbourhood roofer to get quality repairs done on time. At Spoton Roofing, we make sure our roofing expertise not only caters to properties across Sydney CBD but also benefits commercial and domestic customers in the suburbs. We have a team of roofing specialists that offers roof repairs in Camden, Narellan and Rosemeadow to the highest standards, within the specified budget. We can accommodate any kind of small or big roof repair across the city and suburbs.

Roofing Services in Penrith

Living under the same roof with your family is as important as living under the safe roof, which is why Spoton Roofing offers the best care for your roof, including repairs, maintenance and even pressure cleaning. We service residential and commercial properties, and handle all kinds of roofing issues, no matter how big, small or complex.


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